Jon and Angela, a husband and wife duo living in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, represent the best of country music: sincere songwriting and accessible melodies.  Together, they are a mix of country, bluegrass, and even a little rock and roll.  Their voices marry in harmonies that prove this is a match made in heaven.

Angela was born and raised—not far from Nashville—in Franklin, Kentucky until age ten, when her family moved to Mississippi.  Like so many singers, Angela was singing in church at a young age.  At thirteen, she learned to play the guitar, and it wasn’t long before she could play all her favorite songs.  From country and gospel greats like Alison Krauss, Loretta Lynn, and Amy Grant to the fresh voices of Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, and Kacey Musgraves, countless artists have influenced her sound.  After being homeschooled her entire life, Angela attended Hinds Community College in Raymond, MS, where she took four semesters of professional vocal training and joined the college’s choir.  Angela loves music, but she is also a prime example of a pure country girl: she’s a football fanatic, an intramural sports champion, a lover of the great outdoors, and a hunter.

 Jon is from the small town of Rolling Fork, MS, the birthplace of the blues legend, Muddy Waters.  Being a pilot was his first dream.  Farming is a way of life in the Mississippi Delta and he wanted to be part of that industry as an agricultural aviator (a crop-duster pilot).  It wasn’t until the age of sixteen that music came into the picture.  Jon’s mother taught him three basic chords—G, C, and D—on the guitar, and he ran with it.  He started “Unbroken”, a Christian rock band, with some friends from school and began exploring his songwriting skills.  After high school, Jon had the opportunity to spread his wings and get his pilot’s license.  Flying became a big part of his life, but music was still in the picture.  During most of his college years, Jon spent five nights a week playing music for the Baptist Student Union (BSU), at local churches, and with Unbroken, until the band broke up in 2011. 


The couple met one day at the Hinds Community College BSU, when Jon saw Angela playing guitar in the lounge.  The two became best friends and eventually dated.  In 2012, Jon’s dream of becoming a crop-duster pilot came true.  Being a pilot is a dangerous job; in June of that year, Jon had a plane crash that changed his life.  “Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for letting me live to tell my story.”  Jon’s dreams and his perspectives began to change.  He proposed to Angela the week after the accident. They married in June of 2013, but didn’t actually begin playing together as Jon and Angela until July of 2014. The couple now lives in Greenwood, MS, where they are active in their community and their church.  

If they aren’t working or spending their time in the great outdoors with their dogs, Layla and Peanut, this couple is onstage performing their own music and an impressive array of cover songs.

Jon and Angela were born in two different worlds: Jon from the cotton country of the Mississippi Delta, and Angela from the tobacco fields of Kentucky.  Despite the distance between their origins, this couple shares a love for country music made obvious by their heartfelt music and dynamic performances. Their look and their sound is part Nashville, part Delta, but all country.


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